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David Wright


David rejoined the Workbridge Board in October 2017, after a three year break. He has a long career in governance and advisory for companies in both New Zealand and Australia.

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Gail Munro

Board Member

Gail Munro runs her own company, Governance Strategies Ltd, which assists NGO boards. She has extensive experience working at local, regional and national levels with the boards and management of NGOs, incorporated societies, charitable trusts and charitable companies.  She has disabilities resulting from living with rheumatoid arthritis.

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David Shearer

Board Member

David Shearer has worked in the education, not-for-profit and recruitment sectors, and is Director of Executive Development Programmes at the University of Canterbury. His disability experiences relate to living with congenital kidney disease.

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Pam MacNeill

Board Member

Pam MacNeill is Managing Director of Disability Responsiveness NZ which produces and facilitates training for disabled people and the wider community. Pam is an employment specialist and also works in the areas of disability monitoring, evaluation and research.

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Tuhi Leef

Board Member

Tuhi Leef has more than 25 years’ experience in financial services, and has also worked in the education, forestry, tourism and property sectors. He is of Ngāti Whātua and Ngāpuhi descent.

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Kerry Ludlam

Board Member

Kerry Ludlam runs Change Management Ltd which provides business advice and services to SME businesses and NGOs. Kerry is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and the Institute of Directors, and is a Council Member with Music Therapy New Zealand.

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Heather Browning

Board Member

Heather Browning set up her own consultancy practice after leaving her role as General Manager of Enable New Zealand after 13 years. She was Chairperson of the National Council of the Muscular Dystrophy Association from April 2015 – April 2017.

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Paul Sullivan

Board Member

Paul Sullivan is the Chief Executive of Dementia New Zealand. He sits on several not-for-profit boards in addition to Workbridge, including the Blind Foundation, AuSM, and Changing Minds.

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Derek Gill

Board Member

Derek Gill  has over 35 years experience in Public Policy. Public Management and Financial Management. Derek is Principle Economist & Head of Public Good at the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research.

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