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Workbridge, Where abilities equal employment

26-year old Tara shares her unique story about finding employment with the help of Workbridge, after moving to Whanganui from her home in the Cook Islands.

Media Release 6 MAY 2020

26-year old Tara shares her unique story about finding employment with the help of Workbridge, after moving to Whanganui from her home in the Cook Islands.


Many disabled people face a range of barriers to finding a job, the most common of which is a lack of understanding of their capabilities. But with the combination of an open-minded employer, a determined jobseeker and Workbridge, great results are possible. 


For the past 11 months Tara has been employed by local Whanganui company GPSOS – a mobile emergency company which provides Personal Security Alarms (Pendants and Watches).  


Like many jobseekers, Tara faced a variety of challenges before securing employment with GPSOS.Having spent almost three years looking for work, Tara turned to Workbridge for support. Within 2-months of enrolling at Workbridge, Tara was placed into employment. 


“It’s all about making the right match for both the jobseeker and the employer and offering support if needed. GPSOS have given Tara the chance to shine that she has been waiting for and they have gained a fantastic and very loyal employee.” – Jan Lawton, Employment ConsultantatWorkbridge Whanganui. 


Having the ability to speak three languages; Rarotongan, English and TeReo Maori (which she studied while looking for employment) has been a great assetfor the GPSOS Customer Service team who provide 24/7 on-call care to customers – helping customers feel safe and secure knowing they’re there if anything goes wrong.  


Tara has been with GPSOS since the beginning of the company and is a real asset to the team.  


“It was heartwarming to see how much Tara’s colleagues adored her and how passionate she was about her work. Tara has an incredibly warm, kind presence about her – her personality is contagious and left us feeling warm and fuzzy about the contribution we were able to make in her employment journey.” Whitney Tangaroa, Brand Development Manager at Workbridge 


Tara encourages other jobseekers who are looking for work to remain positive. 


“You have to be positive, that somewhere out there, someone will want to employ you." 


If you are living with an injury, health condition or disability and want to find a job, Workbridge can help. Freephone 0508 858 858 between 8.30am-6.30pm, Monday to Friday or email For all other ways to get in touch visit the Workbridge website. 


Story ends. 



About Workbridge:

Workbridge is New Zealand’s leading employment service for disabled people and people with health conditions.We bring thousands of jobseekers and employers together every year – at no cost.There are more than 160,000 disabled people living in New Zealand who want to work.Ourstaff can offer a range of employment support services for both jobseekers and employers, individually tailored to suit every individual's needs. For more information, visit our website.


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