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Workbridge in Schools

Workbridge in Schools

In 2017 we provided a 12-week internship programme in partnership with Z Energy and Service IQ. Four students from Riccarton and Papanui High School Special Units, with a mixture of impairments, were part of this programme.

All four students achieved Level 2 Retail Service IQ Unit Standards, and the only final year student was employed full-time by Hattrick Services, the Z Retailer. 

Workbridge is building on the success of this internship programme. In 2018 we are expanding this programme to Christchurch, Dunedin and Auckland, with three Z Energy Retailers and six schools.

We have learnt the following from the 2017 Internship Programme evaluation:

  • The students coped well in the workplace.

  • Completed tasks beyond the expectations of site leaders, teachers, families.

  • The Z Academy e-learning modules were a great way to teach work-based skills and could be used by schools and families to reinforce student learning.

 Eventually this programme will be scaled up to include other employers/ industries, and form the basis of Workbridge in Schools.

The aim of our work in schools is to create a pathway into employment for disabled school students, with employers who are already employing the jobseekers we work with.


Workbridge in Schools 2018

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