Workbridge, Where abilities equal employment

Win:win for employers and their team

Joanne and Dayaram Ganda have been hiring through Workbridge for 27 years — and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The couple, who operate the BP2Go Greymouth, say they’re simply hiring ‘the best people in town’.

More than half of their 12 employees have disabilities or health conditions, and when their disabilities are pointed out, Joanne and Dayaram’s response is usually ‘so what’?

“We have the best workforce in town and the reason I say that is because our customers tell us that,” Joanne says.

“We don’t see them as having a disability, we just work with them to identify the opportunities for them and for us.”

Joanne says they have a loyal team, who all support each other while working hard and having fun.

As a result she says staff choose to stay with them longer, and turnover is low. Their longest-serving team member has worked with them for 22 years.

Brent Gage found a role with BP2Go Greymouth through Workbridge more than a year ago and says his MS and Parkinson’s have been no barrier for Joanne and Dayaram.

“The best thing Joanne has done for me is to treat me no different to any other employee. Never assuming I can’t do anything, like asking if I want extra shifts and being accommodating to what I am able to do,” Brent says.

In November 2018 Joanne and Dayaram were named Employers of the Year at the annual Attitude Awards, which celebrate achievements in the disability community in New Zealand.

It’s a win that they didn’t expect, but that they hope will inspire other employers, and people with disabilities who would like to be in work.

“I hope that we can show people that everyone deserves a chance, that people with disabilities can be employed and it is very rewarding,” Joanne says.

“To other employers I’d say to give it a go and employ someone with a disability. It’s very rewarding and it’s very beneficial and yes, it does take some extra work at times (not all the time) but it is worth it.

“And for people with disabilities I would say to hang in there because an employer somewhere will give you a go.”

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