Workbridge is the largest New Zealand-owned employment service for people with a disability or health condition.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition where low blood levels of glucose are caused by a shortage of insulin. People with Type 1 diabetes produce no insulin or very low levels. Those with Type 2 diabetes have sluggish levels of insulin production. Diabetes is treated through diet or through supplementary insulin, either through oral medication or injection. In some cases there are associated conditions linked to diabetes such as circulation problems, kidney problems, heart disease and sight problems. 157,000 New Zealanders have Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes.


How does diabetes affect people in employment?

With correct management, diabetes often causes few problems for people at work. In some cases people may experience an episode of hypoglycaemia where their blood sugar levels drop and they need to eat or drink to increase their sugar levels. Most people with diabetes manage hypoglycaemia well and will recognise the symptoms.


Useful links

Diabetes New Zealand provides information and support for people with diabetes, health professionals and other diabetes organisations