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Working for you

Workbridge Governance Green Paper

Working for you – Workbridge governance Green Paper

Introduction from Workbridge Council President Chrissy Fern, and Board Chair Pam MacNeill

Workbridge has always been proud of its strong link to the disability community, so are seeking your views on the attached ‘issues and options ‘ paper on the future governance of Workbridge.

At a joint meeting held on 23 April 2021, the Workbridge Council and Board of Management agreed to set up a working group to focus on two questions:

  1. How should Workbridge be governed in the new environment faced in the next decade, and
  2. What organisational form would meet that best?

The working group is made up of three members from each of the Workbridge Council and Board, plus the Chief Executive.

The group is focused on governance and organisational form, and its role is solely advisory.

The purpose of the group includes preparation for changes in:

  • the new regulatory regime in the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 recently passed by Parliament; as well as
  • employment services arising from disability services transformation, and the restructuring of the health and disability sectors.

The working group has developed an “issues and options” paper for consultation with disabled people and their organisations, Workbridge clients and other key stakeholders.

The consultation paper is available here in Word and PDF format, in Alternate Formats of Audio, NZ Sign Language and Easy Read. A large print version is also available on request.

Once feedback is received, the working group will produce a summary that will inform the Council and Board, assisting in their decision-making on the future governance structure of Workbridge.
We look forward to receiving your feedback by 31 May.

Chrissy Fern

(Workbridge Council President)

Pam MacNeill

(Workbridge Board of Management Chair)

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