Policy That Works

Workbridge is the largest New Zealand-owned employment service for people with a disability or health condition.

Released 21st August 2020

Workbridge is proud to launch this thought leadership document ‘Policy that Works: A fair go for disability employment post COVID-19′.

Workbridge has been at the forefront of thought leadership on the employment of disabled people since our founding in 1931. Over time, we have led advocacy for changes in public policy to reflect evolving attitudes towards the self-determination of disabled people.

This difficult COVID recovery situation has created a once in a generation opportunity to significantly reform public policy on the employment of disabled people for the better. It is the responsibility of all of us not to squander that opportunity.


Policy that Works: A fair go for disability employment post COVID-19

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The most important changes that will make the biggest impact to the lives of disabled people, if implemented, should include:

  • The fee-for-service contract model be updated with a holistic framework focussing on careers rather than individual jobs, co-designed by disabled people.
  • Government acts to address the widespread community concerns about the impact of the benefit abatement rate and stand-down period acting as a disincentive for some disabled people to accept some employment opportunities
  • Government provides financial and practical support to Workbridge to offer career counselling, mentoring and transition services for disabled high school students.
  • Government provides practical and financial support to Workbridge to train disabled people for self-employment. Initiatives should include mentoring from successful businesspeople, particularly those who are disabled.
  • In collaboration with the business sector, DPOs and Workbridge, government work closely on the specifics of a public education campaign that promotes the benefits of employing disabled people and dispels common myths.