Employer success story: Brett Nicholson of Le Courier.

For Brett Nicholson, of Palmerston North-based removal and storage company Le Courier, it’s about family.

His parents own the company, and Brett and his wife run it.

That was one attraction for the latest Workbridge jobseeker hired by the company, which specialises in household removals, furniture delivery and office relocations in the lower half of the North Island.

“The guy who came to us suffered from anxiety, and we are a small, family-based firm, so it was probably a good fit for him,” says Brett.

He’s proved a good fit for the company as well, moving from a few hours to 30 a week.

“He’s really good. I would put him in with a new person to lead them in a leading role…and have sent him into a property to look at what they have and what truck to use. He has stepped up hugely compared with when he started.”

Le Courier has also stepped up its use of disabled jobseekers and others coping with a variety of health and mental issues.

That, too, is partly based on a strong link to family.

Workbridge helped find work for Brett’s daughter. So he knows the organisation and understands the struggles, but also the potential rewards for employers who take a chance.

His latest employee is “one of our really good workers”.

“I would say to keep an open mind, and don’t count them out until you meet them and get a feel for what the person is like,” says Brett.

“And let them show you what they can do.”