Jobseeker success story:

The last year has been particularly tough for Hinemoa.

Covid-19 and redundancy ended her commercial laundry role, and the deaf 26-year-old found herself in emergency housing and struggling to find work.

But she has got herself back on track with the help of Workbridge, employment consultant Tammy Mackie and the Support Funds programme the organisation helps administer.

Hinemoa had enjoyed her laundry work so Tammy and Workbridge contacted commercial laundries and healthcare facilities with large laundry departments.

That led to Selywn Park rest home in Whangarei and two interviews assisted by a virtual interpreter.

Selwyn Park was impressed, but it had questions about changes that might be needed to accommodate Hinemoa and concerns over how the rest home’s alarms and evacuation procedures might work with a deaf person.

The answers were provided by Support Funds, which helped Selywn Park upgrade its alarm system, including a transmitter and receiver to notify Hinemoa if she needs to evacuate the building. 

Now “Hinemoa is approaching her three-month continuous employment milestone,” says Tammy.

When Selwyn Park said yes to hiring Hinemoa, Tammy met her in person to give her the good news via sign language.

She’s hoping to celebrate Hinemoa’s latest milestone in a similar way.