Jobseeker: Dillon Maydon. EC: Leisa Pierson

Two hundred words probably won’t do justice to Dillon Maydon.

If you are wary of inspiration porn, you might want to look away, because Dillon is the hottest of XXX, R-rated features.

He was diagnosed with Fridreich’s Ataxia in 2013, a degenerative illness that has put him in a wheelchair and is steadily undermining his nervous system and speech.

There are just 40 cases in New Zealand. But there is just one Dillon Maydon.

When he’s not winning bodybuilding competitions and national gold medals in wheelchair rugby, and working towards that goal at the global level, he’s taking on leadership roles within the sport, delivering motivational speeches for others with disabilities, and working in this country and across the Tasman to participate in medical research and drug trials to better understand his genetic disorder and hopefully help others.

Dillon has kept those wheels spinning forward, but when it’s come to finding a job he’s needed a little push, and the inspiration of others.

Building on his studies in business management, marketing and IT, Workbridge employment consultant Leisa Pierson spent nine months with Dillon, building his resume, improving his work-ready skills, and playing her own aggressive wheelchair rugby in a job market wary of disabled people.

Others might have been discouraged as the months ticked by. Not Dillon.

“He has stayed the course with me, and despite it being nearly nine months into service, we are jumping for joy,” said Leisa.

There were plenty of ‘nos’, but finally a ‘yes’, and Dillon started in August as the Marketing and Administrator Coordinator for Southcoast Scaffolding.

Proving that even winners sometimes need an extra push from others.